On minimum wage, and the welfare system. Don’t hate on people who use state welfare, but then try to say that minimum wage is living wage.


I’m so sick of everyone saying “You can’t have minimum wage raised, all you do is flip burgers.You can’t have minimum wage raised, there are people out there that work harder than you. You can’t have minimum wage raised, just go get a better job. You can’t have minimum wage raised, just go to college and you’ll make more money. Hurr durr durr.” 
Well, let’s think about this. Really, think about it.

Minimum wage was created to make it so that in a two parent household, where the male/powerhouse money maker could SUPPORT THEIR FAMILY ON A SINGLE INCOME. It was literally created so people could comfortably live on a single income without falling through the cracks and without having to literally survive paycheck to paycheck/on state benefits. It was created when $7.50 an hour was plenty to live on. It was a time and space where things literally costed less. Milk was not damn near four dollars, gas was not almost four dollars a gallon. Food, housing, cars, bills, fuck EVEN BIRTH was cheaper when minimum wage was created. It was literally made so “Dad can go make money to support the mother and the quaint 2.5 children who stay at home. Mom is a homemaker, dad is the money maker.” Right now, it is damn near impossible to survive on less than 10 dollars, as well as NOT use state benefits/welfare (because we all hear the battle of “get off welfare, you’re using our tax money, work harder”). Literally. Almost. IMPOSSIBLE.

Let’s put this in to perspective:

1 gallon of milk - $2.79
1 loaf of bread - $1.99
1 package of sliced cheese - $3.00
1 package of meat - average, $2.50-$3.50
= about $11

For $11 you can have about 8-10 sandwiches depending on the bread you buy. If you ONLY eat that, that would mean three sandwiches a day, per person and (about) one glass of milk a day too. If you live in a house that has three people, that means 9 sandwiches a day (also, you should factor in that if you have kids, they can probably eat about 1.5 sandwiches maybe two, and same goes for teenagers). That means it is $11 to eat THE BARE MINIMUM a day for a family of three, with probably a glass or two of milk for each person. Chances are, one parent/older person in the household will be eating maybe once or twice a day, a single sandwich, to make sure the kids get food first.

That means that someone who makes the average minimum wage has to work about one hour and forty minutes to buy something that will last about two days in a household that has three people in it. They are only eating that. Only. Sandwiches. But wait! I’m sure you’re going to sit there and say “Oh that’s not too bad. Nah! That’s easy, they can buy more than that if they work a full day!!” Well, why don’t we look in to the actual math behind supporting a very, very average three person household.

Well, the math seems to add up that if someone works six days out of the week, eight hours of the day, and don’t get their paycheck until the end of two weeks that means about $720, MINUS state/federal taxes, now this is a ballpark figure but they’ll probably withhold about $100-$150. 
So now, we’re down to $570 every two weeks. Alright, stick with me here, this math might actually shock you guys. 
Say you drive to your six day a week, eight hour a day job, and it’s about 4 miles there. So, that’s 8 miles a day. 8 times 6 is 48 times two weeks that’s 96 miles, per two weeks (between pay periods). If you drive a cheap car (chances are, if you live on minimum wage, you’re driving a clunker) that get’s at the most probably about 12mi/per gal. 12 mi/per gal divided by 96 miles is 8. 8 gallons of gas costs (today) $3.84 x 8 = $30.72. That means out of your $570 paycheck, you ALWAYS take out $30.72. Well, let’s not forget, that is going literally to work and back. Not the grocery store, not your kids school, not the Dr’s office; To work - and back. So, let’s throw in a few extra gallons of gas to make sure if an emergency happens, or you go shopping that you actually can make it there. So, bump is up to about $46. That’s $570 - $46 = $524

Okay. $524 every two weeks. In one month, you’ll be making $1,048. Not bad. Alright.

So let’s look at bills now. 
(remember, we’re basing this off of a three person household of two adults and one child) 
(Source: http://livingwage.mit.edu/places/0402557380
http://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/city_result.jsp?country=United+States&city=Prescott%2C+AZ )

Rent - $890
Food - $553
Electricity/water/heating - $166.35
= $ -561

That’s right. If you live in an average house, with your husband and you work at minimum wage, six days a week, four weeks a month you will end up in the negative. After gas for your vehicle to get to work, and an average household bills (mind you there’s no internet, or phone bills; something most people these days consider a necessity) you do not have any money left over, in fact, you don’t have money. Period. 
So hey, let’s say both you and your husband work; Both drive cars, both have the same expenses. So, $1,048 * 2 = $2,096 of a monthly income.

Rent - $890
Food - $553
Electricity/water/heating - $166.35
= $486

Alright, not bad. Once more, we’re no longer in the negatives in the bank account (also, let’s remember: minimum wage was made so that a household could have ONE income to happily survive)

Food! Ahh, the wonderful thing that we all love munching.
Food for an average 3 person household = ……. *drumroll* …….


Literally, that’s what the average cost of daily (relatively?) healthy food. 
So, no more money. Now, most people can manage to really, really cut down the cost of food. So let’s say, about $250 for food. That leaves you with $250 left over at the end of the month. What happens if you need insurance? After all, that job you both have isn’t considered full time so you don’t get benefits. It’s probably a good idea to have insurance for your child at the very least, after all kids are accident prone and have to get vaccines, dr checkups, dental visits, etc. So, for insurance for one kid (mind you, I’m making sure no one is using state benefits here, because well, lets face it, we hear a lot of people gripe about the use of welfare) is about $100 or so a month. That’s down to $150 a month. Let’s also look at phones. Most people have to have some sort of communication to call work/school/dr’s etc. Phones cost about $125 per month for two phones. That’s $25 a month left over….. Now, we pray to god an accident doesn’t happen, the car doesn’t break down, the kids don’t get sick and no one has to take a day off work….

Now answer me this, do you still really think minimum wage should stay at $7.50??

I hope not, because I can tell you firsthand minimum wage is NOT a LIVING wage. But hey, bitch about people who use the welfare system and then insist that minimum wage is living wage……

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my younger brother is an asshole to begin with (he said people don’t deserve food stamps and got angry at me and Steven for getting them, then keeps asking us to buy him things now that we have them)…

but today, after we came home from lunch and got his sandwich (he didn’t feel like going out so we bought him one), he was so angry about me not knowing something about his fucking sandwich and said rude things about the cashier, ‘they should know what this is, they need to learn’ even though it’s not on the menu… and I was like

you hate when people tell you how to do your (retail) job, don’t you?

and he yelled at me about how I’ve never had a job?? and I’m like ‘I had an internship at the animal hospital, that’s a job’ and he said it wasn’t

ah yes 2 months of unpaid work in a place that made me anxious and uncomfortable is totally not a job, please tell me more, guy-who-got-fired-from-deli-job-for-stealing

then he got mad again and slammed every door possible and left for work

idk how he even has a job working with customers because he is so irrationally angry

I’m kind of scared of him

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yep……… the spirit halloween store is still full of racist or sexist (and racist AND sexist) costumes 

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The mentally ill are made to feel like burdens on the people around them. They are made to feel hated. They are made to feel less worthy than their neurotypical friends and family. Then people have the nerve to ask why they want to kill themselves, or why they feel so distraught and helpless?

But of course, whether they attempt, or succeed, everything is made about how much the family and friends cared about the victim, instead of their willful contribution to the abuse of the mentally ill.


#those constant speeches about how ‘suicide is selfish’#you are the selfish ones who have no understanding of their struggle and don’t want to either#get off your fucking high horse#these people are in pain and your self righteousness just makes me sick#i have a lot of feelings

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every class is art class if you dont care enough

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being called “racist” isn’t an insult or something mean that people are saying to you because they want to bring you down. if you’re being called racist you shouldn’t be brushing it off because you “can’t see the haters” you should be assessing your behaviour, your language, and mindset for signs of prejudice, discrimination, and sympathy/support for unfair and violent treatment towards racially persecuted people in your country 

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fill in the blanks

1. name: snoo
2. birthday:  26 august
3. favorite color: black but I like red and grey, too
4. lucky number: I like 3 and 7 I guess? numbers are weird
5. height: five feet four inches 


1. last dream you remember: probably something distressing
2. can you juggle: nnnnnnnno
3. art/sports/both: art yey
4. do you like writing: I liked writing essays in school!! bbhbhhbbhh
5. do you like dancing: noooononono
6. do you like singing: no


1. dream vacation: vacations aren’t really my thing
2. dream date: ??? anything’s better than the traumatic late-night drives from my adolescence 
3. dream bf gf df: STEVEN
4. dream wedding: tbh I don’t really care, I’d just like to be married. nothing fancy. sign some papers and make out
5. dream pet: DOG and some rats!!!!!!!
6. dream job: :^(


1. favorite song: oh god uh don’t make me choose?? 
2. favorite album: I could do ‘favourite album by group’ a lot easier. uh. ‘folie a deux’ for now??????
3. favorite artist: help (currently fall out boy?)
4. last song you heard on the radio: recognisable? I think I heard ‘rock the casbah’ yesterday
5. least favorite song: 'get lucky' bc we were just talking about it lmao 
6. least favorite album: most albums
7. least favorite artist: I literally hate the beatles


1. guys/girls/nbs: ;^)
2. hair color: no preference but it seems I’ve only been with dudes who had brown hair
3. eye color: bbhhbhbhhhbhh idc
4. humorous/serious: Steven makes me laugh no matter what but knows when to be serious. finding humour in serious things (not offensively) helps a lot for me.
6. biggest turn-off: :I
7. biggest turn-on: wow don’t even get me started 

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a short guide for getting social justice bloggers to educate you

  1. google the question first. if you find answers there, study them and only present questions to clarify specifics or wildly differing points of view that exist within the community about which you have a question
  2. ask yourself whether the question is any of your business and whether you really need to know the answer. if you don’t, don’t ask
  3. find a dedicated blog that either describes itself as educational or has a recent (within the past week) precedent of answering sincere questions and is run by a person in the community about which you have a question
  4. ask them politely
  5. don’t get pissy if they don’t answer you
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my younger brother bought me a sketchbook for my birthday (he works at a craft store so he said he ‘only got it because it was on sale’ + his discount) and tbh I haven’t had a sketchbook in years and I stopped drawing/doodling for a long time

so having this has gotten me back into doodling and stuff and it feels great

he also got me a pad of watercolour paper; thinking about making a nice piece of my silly WoW worgen dude and my wolf-pet and rat from the game lol

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Steven makes me play WoW with him and I like to play as wolfdudes because human(oid) races are terrible so yeah

I like to doodle them, they look awesome

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buy here


buy here

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stand up for girls and women who don’t like to read. stand up for girls and women who can’t read. stand up for girls and women with low IQs. stand up for girls and women who can’t write. stand up for girls and women whose access to education has been prevented. for those with learning disorders. for those who mix up “your” and “you’re” because it’s not that big a fucking deal tumblr. stand up for women who are called ableist slurs for these things and stop implying that the only way to be a feminist icon is by being an intellectual.

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wow I kind of feel cute today

wow I kind of feel cute today

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i took literally 198 pictures of myself outside and i hope ONE of them is good enough for my social media profile stuff

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