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I'm a pretentious shitlord

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this is a personal blog, I post all sorts of things here, so don't follow me expecting fall out boy 24/7 please


Folie A Deux
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Artist: Fall Out Boy
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w.a.m.s. triggers the fuck out of me don’t let me listen to it at 3am anymore

yes please unfollow me for posting PERSONAL things on my PERSONAL blog goddamn read my about page before you fucking follow me from now on

maybe if you turned down the music (that you just turned up again for some reason) you wouldn’t neeD TO YELL AT EACH OTHER TO HAVE A CONVERSATION 

now they’re talking really loud and it’s making me anxious help

brother gets pissy at me for complaining about it :~) I hate it here :~)

getting screamed at for accidentally slamming the basement door at 5pm when mom is taking a random nap, but my parents blast music at 2:20am and I can’t complain bc ~it’s their house~

repeat buyers from my etsy shop (◡‿◡✿)         

(I’m going to start including a thank you coupon with orders, I completely forgot I could!!! sorry!!)

two of these necklaces still available in my etsy shop!!

if anyone wants to try a graze box, my friendcode is SNOOE2VDP

your first box is free but you need to add a bank account or something to verify your address and the fact you’re a person I guess 

I just placed an order for my third one!! they got new snax! :~)

let me know if you use it!! :^)

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dissociation nearly 24/7 now and I’m afraid

my brother wanted a flyer for his thing stop letting me draw I’m awful and unfunny