I just realised that the left necklace’s anchor is flipped in that photo of both of them. the chain turned around; they actually both face the same way, with the anchor’s chain coming from the left side. u__u

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new ‘what a catch, donnie’ necklaces [A and B] now up in my etsy shop!!

these are 8 gauge aluminium, as opposed to the 12 gauge from before.

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I made… two more ‘what a catch donnie’ necklaces… it took me over three hours… and that was just cutting, stamping and filing the metal… destroy me

I fucked up a piece three times before finally getting it right, which is weird for me. :^(

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Steven is really sensitive to medications and things like #alcohol and dairy too, so any seemingly insignificant thing can kinda go a long way

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I’m no doctor but back in January I was blacking out a lot for no reason, so I went to a GP and found out I was heavily anaemic (low iron levels in blood) and my haemoglobin was at like 4 (instead of the usual 14/15) so idk maybe get a blood test??

yeah I was looking up reasons why he might be passing out and low blood pressure, low blood sugar and anaemia were the major causes, but less-serious ones. since he doesn’t have health insurance, I can at least make sure he takes a multivitamin every day and keeps hydrated. 

I used to be anaemic but not extremely. also had electrolyte issues. I had a heart problem and had surgery for it, so I’m always worried he’s got some heart problem going on and we won’t know about it. :/

(thank you)

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blood pressure problems can definitely cause fainting and other issues, he should get checked out

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ :-(

(yeah. we should probably get him on medicaid or something, at least. ughhh)

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hey uh

so Steven’s blacked out a couple of times since he’s come here. it’s not like he’s gotten hurt or anything, but he’s stood up a few times and just fell to the floor. it’s happened twice in my room and once outside, and also one time in bed for some reason…?

anyway today he was feeling sick (stomach) and he was really hot, and started breathing really hard. he was like ‘I’m gonna get some water’ and stood up and then fell right down. he was out for about 20 seconds, I helped him up and got him his water. he was fine a few minutes later, doesn’t seem to feel sick or anything anymore.


why does this happen? he ate a big lunch a few hours ago. the only thing I can imagine is maybe he was dehydrated or something. I would say he stood up too fast, but the breathing thing and feeling sick and hot…?

a few times when we’ve visited the higi station at the store (it’s a blood pressure machine with a weight scale as well, keeps track of your stuff), his blood pressure has been like 110/50 or 120/45-ish. which is like. are you okay dude


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I actually went to bed at a decent time and fell asleep around midnight, got about 5 1/2 hours of sleep, woke up with Steven and I ended up cleaning my fish tank, cleaned out under my desk, got the clothes organised and put away/dirty clothes ready for washing, took out a lot of recycle and trash, and even managed to shower.

I accomplished more in about four hours than I have in weeks. because I actually slept. destroy me

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younger brother judgmental and rude about Steven and I hypothetically getting food stamps because we’re ‘lazy’ and ‘don’t deserve them’ but then literally ate our food that we paid for with our own money without asking

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Do you know how much I would know about what’s happening in Ferguson if it wasn’t for social media? Nothing. Zero. 


Jokes aside I feel like we all need to take a minute to thank the people on the streets literally risking their lives bringing us this information with their cell phone video cameras. Furgeson is on media lockdown right now and without the people braving tear gas to bring us this information we’d all be in the dark.

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I don’t think it’s problematic for survivors, I def. use it as a coping mechanism, but I think it’s important for people esp like, male doms to analyze why they’re attracted to it, if that makes sense?

that definitely makes sense. 

in my situation, my partner does slightly-dominant things for me because I ask, and not necessarily because he’s really into it. and I’m not saying I make him do it oh god I mean it’s the same as if he asked me to scratch his back or make lunch for us; because it makes us happy to make the other person feel good. I wouldn’t really call him a dom. 

(your reblogged posts about it are why I started thinking about it haha)

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bdsm questions / discussion / don’t read if it makes you uncomfortable

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oh god is bdsm always problematic?? am I a bad person for being into it in a safe/consensual relationship oh god

I’m not denying that there are so so so many issues with it but is it okay for me idk help

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