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I mean it’s okay but the first few times, I spent like 2 minutes trying to figure out how to navigate the page before trying to scroll down :I

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why are so many websites doing that thing where it shows a giant, fullscreen image and you have to scroll down for the text

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You’re not better than anyone because you “worked for what you have.”

There’s no line dividing poor people who “actually deserve help” and those who “don’t.”

No poor person wants to be poor. There isn’t a single person out there taking food subsidies just to spite you and “leech” your “hard-earned tax dollars.”

There probably are a few people gaming the system. Shut the fuck up about them. If anything, they’re gonna hurt  us more than they could hurt you. Oh wait, no, they’re not gonna hurt us, you’re gonna hurt us, because one person “scams” and you want to shut the whole system down. I’m not turning against my neighbour for you, I don’t handle that shit.

But you know, you’re right, it’s not fair that some people get some things for free1 and you don’t. Ever ask yourself why the system makes you work so hard for nothing?

1 “Free” comes at the cost of welfare and/or subsidies recipients being degraded and stripped of their dignity every time they leave their house, because people like you stage whisper your disapproval to your spouse for the whole store to hear, every time you stand behind them in line at the checkout.

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You haven’t seen happiness until you’ve seen 7 rats in a box of (pet safe) packing peanuts

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lmao don’t

lmao don’t

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you’re a loser and a user.

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i quit. fuck this planet

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i’m literally sobbing just reading the synopsis. how can people be so horrible

13 hours ago #the planned parenthood i went to had bomb threat instructions all over the walls in the office #i can't believe that's considered 'pro-life' to hate abortion so much that you murder people

luckily it’ll be online/available for streaming tomorrow thank you pbs thank u

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oh god i googled for the documentary and found all of this horrible anti-choice shit about it and i started crying because it hurts why do people do this

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i wanted to watch the ‘after tiller’ documentary on WETA (DC’s PBS station) but the signal dropped out as soon as it started and i’m so fucking upset because it’s important and i need to see it. i think everyone needs to see it

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instead of the college radio station, my parents have had this semi-commercial station on for days now and I keep hearing triggering songs like the old green day singles ‘good riddance (time of your life)’ and especially ‘when I come around’ like please fucking end me 

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