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this is a personal blog, I post all sorts of things here, so don't follow me expecting fall out boy 24/7 please

> re-writes resume and uses favourite font, open sans
> realises I have to print it on a windows ME computer and it’s not capable of good fonts
> stitches screenshots of document together to create an image to print instead


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Tiny text at top reads: “Is this contentment, or am I just numb?”

nnnnn shit it’s really really windy help

I’m going to lay here and watch antiques roadshow and look at body jewelry I can’t afford or use goodnight

that may not make sense to most people but the. person who hurt me lived in salisbury the last time I was aware of his location but idk anymore and I don’t care just go away

nnnn. no. who is this it’s freaking me out please no

do you like pretty, shiny stones? do you like giving me money???

it’s a wire-wrapped (it takes hours) rly long necklace or wrap bracelet I guess

you can purchase this piece at my etsy shop!!

pretty spring 2014 (◡‿◡✿) 

I want closure. I need closure

ccwjbls (17:10:24): Sometimes, I see things that make me glad I don’t have a ton of emotions swirling about because if I was this angry, as angry as you are, I think I’d die with all that hate in my body.

hahahahaHAHAHA searching for a text document led me to a chatlog with my abusive ex oh man I hate myself

what ever happened to that wordpad document of my phobias

he knows I have a ridiculous fear of water deeper than a couple of feet and he’s really non-judgmental about it and more encouraging/helpful and I’m thankful for that

I’d like to go to loch raven with dad. we did that a lot. we’d walk the fire trail and take pictures of birds and talk about trees and the history of the place and yeah

dad’s not a generic fishin’ dad but he also wants to go fishing on the reservoir sometime and wants me to go and it makes me tear up thinking about my dad I love him bye